Thendir Silverbeard

Dwarven Warrior


Physical Description:

Thendir is large for a Dwarf standing five feet tall and weighing 160 lbs. His hair is black and his beard is full with a silver core. He braids the black parts of his beard and leaves the silver to flow freely in the traditions of his clan. His eyes are storm grey and set beneath thick heavy brows. He is physically fit and imposing. He wears hardy travelling clothes and full chain.


Thendir is a Dwarf and expounds all the virtues and flaws of his race. Fiercely loyal and proud, he has a typical Dwarven sense of humour (little to none). He is intelligent and wilful. He hates the traditional Dwarven enemies, though he is well disposed towards Elves (that is he will not kill them on sight). He is driven by his quest and considers it a matter of family honour. Since learning of his quest Thendir has begun to take a greater interest in Dwarven history and lore and wishes to learn more and even to retrieve some of the lost greatness.


Thendir’s Background:

Thendir was born 97 years ago in the Dwarven hold of Zhufbar to the Silverbeard clan. The Silverbeards are a clan with a long lineage and many tales of past glories and achievements. More than one Dwarven Runelord and several Loremasters have hailed from the Silverbeard clan. The Silverbeards also have a long tradition of defending the Dwarven holds. From an early age Thendir proved himself a capable crafter and combatant. When he came of age Thendir joined the Shieldbreaker units that defended Zhufbar. He fought in many wars under the mountains and even served for a time as a member of the Runerunners. The Runerunners are elite soldiers who maintain communications between Dwarven holds using the subterranean roads known as the Undgrin Ankor. Only the very best are able to serve as a Runebearer as they must be swift, hardy and capable of fighting their way out of a tight spot, while lightly armed and armoured.

Thendir spent nearly fifty years travelling from hold to hold fighting anyone who threatened the Dwarven way of life. He rose to the position of Sargent in the Shieldbreakers. When Thendir was 93 years of age he was summoned back to Zhufbar with news that his father was dying. Thendir hastened back to his home and arrived in time to see his father. Thendir’s father had held on waiting for Thendir’s return. He had an important tale to tell Thendir before he died.

40 generations of Dwarves ago there was a great Dwarven hold called Karak – Vedrin. The knowledge of Vedrin’s existence was a closely guarded secret and its location even closer. Vedrin served as a repository of Dwarven lore and items. Rumour has it that Vedrin was not attached to the Undgrin Ankor to improve security. The paths leading to Vedrin were guarded by Dwarves and Dwarven Runecraft. Vedrin was lost more than 10 generations ago, some say that the hold disappeared during the Dwarf-Elf wars, the exact details of how it was lost are shrouded in mystery and rumour. All that is certain is the names of those clans that called Vedrin home and that these clans did not share in the fate of Karak – Vedrin. The legend says that only the true Thane of Vedrin will be able to locate Karak – Vedrin and restore its place and importance to the Dwarven peoples.

After relating this story Thendir’s father handed him a book which contained the list of clan names and some hand written notes. He then informed him that the Silverbeards were the true Thanes of Karak-Vedrin, and that with his passing the title and quest passes to Thendir. The knowledge of these legends are known only to those clans who once called Vedrin home.

Thendir spent the next few months reading through the notes that had been passed down through his family for generations. He used the resources available in Zhufbar to secretly research details on Karak-Vedrin. There was little information available. He decided that his best course of action was to seek out the surviving clan members listed in the book and see if any information had been passed down through their families. As he was about to set out to follow up on this, the call to arms was issued once more and Thendir found himself fighting Orcs in the mountains. These battles turned out to be preludes to the Storm of Chaos. When war fully erupted The Emperor called upon his ancient pacts with the Dwarves and Thendir found himself heading for the north of The Empire.

With Archaon’s horde broken the Dwarves returned to their holds, Thendir signed on with a caravan headed for Bretonnia with the intentions of heading for Karak-Vorn in the Grey Mountains to further his studies into Karak-Vedrin.

Thendir Silverbeard

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