Ozric Von Harbinger



Physical Characteristics:

Ozric is 6ft 1 inches tall weighing 165 lbs. His frame is well defined and muscular, hardened by years of Martial Arts training. His features are not handsome but have an exotic cast and his skin tanned. His eyes are slightly slanted and his features slightly angular. His eyes are a deep purple colour and his hair is jet black. His most distinguishing feature are the Scars he bears on the inside of each forearm. These scars have been burned in place. The left forearm bears a scar in the form of Tiger while the right forearm bears a Dragon. These scars were received during his ascendance to the third Chakra, the test is one of Endurance and Will. A large iron pot bearing the raised relief of a Dragon on one side and a Tiger on the other is filled with water and then heated over a fire for several hours. During this time the student meditates until he reaches a state of transcendence where his mind has complete dominance over his body allowing him to block out external pain and worldly matters. Once the student has reached this state he picks up the iron pot using his forearms and carries it for ten yards before setting it down once again.

Personality Traits:

Ozric is a quiet and methodical thinker. His childhood has made him slow in being able to trust others. He believes that he can only rely upon himself. Because of his experiences he sometimes slips into periods of deep melancholy. He keeps mostly to himself but is not afraid to offer advice if it is sought. He is supremely confident in his own abilities but is a truly humble man. Buried deep he has a terrible temper and an extreme sense of vengeance. He is Honourable in his own way and a deep philosophical thinker with an ability to see the other person’s point of view. He is very curious about the world around him and will become very inquisitive if he does not think it will offend. He is a terrible enemy but a good friend to have. Generally calm and with a good disposition he rarely acts without thinking. He is charismatic and a leader of men who cares for those under his command. His personal confidence bleeds over to others and they instinctively follow him as he seems to know what he is doing and goes about it in a calm and deliberate manner. When in his cups he becomes a little more open with others and considerably louder and more brash.



Ozric was born 24 years ago the son of Revian Von Harbinger and Mae Ling Tching. He has one sibling his twin sister. Revian insisted that the children be raised as both Hochlanders and Cathayans. As such the children each have Imperial and Cathayan names. Ozric/Uueg’s sisters names are Elise Von Harbinger and Xi Ling Tching. They were taught privately by the finest Cathayan scholars and Revian schooled them personally in matters regarding the Empire.

Ozric was inducted and taught the lore of Myrmidia by his father, who also schooled him in Tactics, Languages, Command, Diplomacy, Hunting and western fighting techniques. When they reached the age of 8 the children were enrolled in the best school of Weijin alongside the children of the Nobility of Weijin and the various ambassadors to the Dragon Court. Elise had no problems at school she was bright and easy going making friends easily. Her peers saw her as Exotic and Beautiful. Ozric had a far more difficult time of it. His personality was more intense and quieter, he did not make friends so easily. Physically he was also much bigger than his classmates and had a keen intellect. His peers grew jealous of his accomplishments and skills which led them to despise him, he became the hated half breed not good enough to fraternise with the elite of Weijin. The other ambassador’s children were generally too frightened of the Cathayan children to risk befriending him. He was a lonely child with few friends, he became withdrawn and sometimes moody and depressed. His lack of friends drew him to immerse himself in learning and he absorbed the culture and lessons around him. At the age of 12 he began studying the Philosophy of Taoism. The tenements of fate and the accepting attitude towards the way of things appealed to him enormously and as he embraced the philosophy the loneliness began to bother him less. This was simply the way his childhood was and he could do nothing to change it, or how others perceived him, all he could be responsible for were his own actions and never give into the pressure of others.

At the age of 16 Ozric was enrolled in the Weijin Military Academy. His first year in the academy was very tough on him. He had been thrust into a highly competitive environment with a lot of snobbish fops who hated him. The bullying and abuse he had received as a child continued and escalated until he was having almost daily fights with gangs of his classmates as few would dare to take him on alone as he was bigger than most and an accomplished fighter. He tried to hide his problems from his family and tried to stoically carry on. But after a particularly bad beating his father noticed and complained to the academy master. The master assured his father that something would be done but nothing was. Revian advised him to be more diplomatic in his attitude to try not to be noticed and avoid the fighting and not to show up his classmates but this did not help. By the end of his first year Ozric was extremely moody and depressed. That summer Mae Ling sent Ozric to stay with his Grandfather, in MiengXi province. Draik was known as a hard man and a viscous and canny fighter, but he had a soft spot for the twins. Two days after Ozric arrived in MiengXi, Draik sat him down and asked him what was wrong. Reluctantly Ozric told him. Draik considered what he had been told and then told him that he must embrace the way. This did not mean he had to just put up with it. Take charge and wage total war against his classmates, and they would start right now. One of his classmates who had been particularly nasty towards him came from WianHai province a close neighbour and traditional adversary of the MiengXi. Draik gathered a small raiding band placed Ozric in charge and told him to go and loot, then burn down their Winter residence. Ozric led a successful raid and returned with a unique souvenir, a carved wooden horse from a child’s play set. Ozric greatly enjoyed his summer with his grandfather and they formulated many plans of vengeance and humiliation to be enacted against his classmates. The first step would be to make them mad.

Ozric returned to Weijin and began his new year at the academy. The first thing he did was to break in and leave the child’s toy where it would be noticed. They had no proof but they new it was him. Ozric excelled in his classes and became difficult to follow or find outside of lessons. On those occasions they did find him he stood and fought, varying his tactics, cutting and running sometimes, ferociously battling it out at others. He laid traps, set up practical jokes, and when he lost his encounters he would be sure to find one member of the group that attacked him alone at a later time and pay them back, always randomly chosen and always just one. This continued for a year until his classmates could no longer anticipate who would pay for their attacks upon him and so the torment finally began to ease. Ozric will freely admit that while this period was not exactly a happy one he enjoyed it immensely. The verbal abuse continued and the occasional act of sabotage but his last 2 years at the academy was fairly quiet.

Ozric graduated at the top of his class. His past actions however stood against him and no commission was available for him. His classmates had used their families influence to ensure that he would not receive a posting within the Cathayan military forces. Draik offered him a position within his forces but Ozric declined, he had not wanted to gain his commission that way, Draik understood. Draik recommend and Revian agreed that he should go to live at the Kyntek monastery outside of Weijin city. This Ozric did. There he continued his study of the martial arts and continued his exploration of the Tao. Ozric was happy there he continued his studies and ascended to the Third Chakra of Huin Quin. He stayed in the monastery for two years before his father sought him out. Revian and Ozric spoke for sometime with Revian expressing that this was not what he had hoped for his son and while he did believe that his time in the monastery had been good for him he believed that it was time for Ozric to go out into the world and find his own way. Revian had two things for Ozric the first a Beautiful pair of Cathayan long sword that Revian had planned to present him with when he joined the Cathayan military and the second were a bundle of letters of introduction to various friends and family back in Hochland.

Ozric briefly returned home gathered equipment he would need on the road, he said goodbye to his Mother and Sister and then headed toward Ind via MiengXi province where he said goodbye to Draik. He joined a merchant caravan headed for Ind signing on as a guard. From Ind they travelled to Araby. From there he signed on a merchant vessel headed for Marienburg. This journey to the Old World took the best part of a year. Ozric arrived late in 2521. He headed East towards Hochland. By the time he arrived Ostland had fallen before the Storm of Chaos and Hochland was sorely pressed. Ozric joined the first Hochland military force he encountered, the 4th Highland Regiment. He fought in many battles bringing his unique mixture of Eastern and Western battle tactics against the Hordes of Archaon. regardless they were unable to stop the fall of Hochland. The regiment was practically destroyed with only a few survivors. Following the rout of Archaon, Ozric found himself bereft of a place in the world once again. He had no formal commission and no one left alive to confirm his battlefield commission. He parted ways with the last of his comrades and headed west into Talabheim looking for surviving relatives. He has been unable to find any relatives though he has heard rumours that some have survived. Running low on cash he signed on as a caravan guard for a merchant headed for Bretonia.

Ozric Von Harbinger

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