Francisco "Cisco" Zalasnee

Tilean Thief, Inventor, and Genius


Physical Description:

Francisco is 5’8” tall and weighs 150 lbs. His eyes and hair are brown. He is not distinctive in his appearance and can often when he chooses pass unnoticed and blend into almost any crowd.


Francisco is a genius and a smart arse. He is also devious and cunning. He is intensely interested in all manner of things and is capable of dedicating himself to them. However he is also quite easily distracting and his misspent youth has led to him having a craving for excitement and the adrenaline rush that he receives from stealing. Unless he wants something from you he tends to be condescending and insulting, especially to those who he thinks are less intelligent than him. He is not the bravest of souls but he is not callous or deliberately mean.


Francisco’s Background:

Francisco was born an orphan in the Tilean city of Miragliano, his mother died in child birth and who his father was is unknown. Raised in a Myrmidian orphanage the priests and priestesses despaired of Francisco at an early age. He was rebellious and while able to perform the military disciplines the priests tried to teach him he had no desire to follow them. Francisco ran away at the age of ten and lived by his wits on the street. He fell into a life of crime and was very good at it. He was however a loner and did not wish to join any of the syndicates or families that run the crime throughout Tilea. While fairly young this was not a problem as he reached his late teens the families in Miragliano began to pressure him into joining. One night after a particularly severe beating he was found lying unconscious by a man named Archim Medias. Archim was a famous (if slightly mad) inventor and engineer. He took pity on Francisco and picked up his comatose form and took him back to his workshop. Archim fixed him up and let him stay in his workshop until he was fully recovered.

While staying in his workshop Francisco became fascinated by what Archim was working on. Where before he had been bored by the things the Myrmidians had tried to teach him, what Archim was working on was truly interesting. Archim had taken a liking to Francisco and recognised in him a highly intelligent person of great potential. He offered to take Francisco on as a student and he accepted.

For the next few months Francisco studied almost constantly learning the basic engineering skills required to assist Archim with his experiments. After a while Francisco resumed his thieving ways, he was successful for a few months but once again the Families once again turned their attention to him and this time they included Archim in their retributions. This proved to be a mistake. Archim did not take kindly to the threats he was offered. His relationship with the Conquista family became decidedly cool following an instance when Archim returned one of the Conquista enforcers to the family riddled with crossbow bolts from a repeating crossbow he had recently designed. The following day Archim purchased a large quantity of Black Powder from the Illiaspo family and made sure the Conquista’s heard about the purchase. The families decided that the best course of action was to leave Francisco and Archim alone.

Archim confronted Francisco and convinced him not to continue with his larcenous ways, as it would get them both into trouble that he would not be able to get them out of. Francisco scaled back his activities to almost nothing and through himself whole hearted into assisting Archim with his experiments. Three years later when Francisco was nearly eighteen years old Archim received a commission from the Duke of Remas to create war machines for an upcoming campaign. Francisco moved with Archim to continue their work.

They lived in Remas for the best part of four years. Francisco resumed his thieving ways but was more circumspect in his actions. He continued to assist Archim and they built all manner of siege equipment and weaponry for the Duke. Toward the end of the four years Francisco planned to rob the home of one of the Dukes favoured advisors. The robbery went perfectly and Francisco got away with the loot. However Archim found his stash. Archim was more than a little upset with Francisco over this situation. He confiscated the stolen items with the intention of returning them to their owners. However he was worried about the potential repercussions for Francisco, Archim suggested that Francisco leave Tilea and explore the world he suggested that Francisco travel to the Imperial city of Nuln where there were significant learning institutions which he could take advantage of. He urged Francisco to give up thieving as it has caused him no end of trouble in his life.

Francisco left Remas and travelled north towards the mountains. He travelled up the river of Echoes and arrived in the Empire. About the time he arrived in the southern parts of the Empire the storm of chaos invaded the northern parts of the Empire. He continued his journey across the war torn Empire arriving in a small village called Untergard.

Francisco "Cisco" Zalasnee

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