For this campaign we have taken a slightly different approach to magic as presented in the original rules. We have also introduced Elemental and Druidic magic to the campaign. We are also slightly modifying the attitude towards practitioners of magic in the Old World.

Licensed Practitioners:

Any wizard whether of the Hedge, Witch, Elemental, or Colour denomination can obtain a license from one of three recognised Cults within the Empire or one of the colour colleges in Altdorf. The cults that can provide licenses are Sigmar, Ulric and Verena. The license costs 100 gcs and the applicant must submit to magical testing by the issuing authority. Characters starting as wizards already have their license obtained during their training unless the GM states otherwise.

Dark magic and the use of such is always prohibited and no license can be obtained for the practice of dark magic.

Witch Hunters:

Most divine cults maintain a branch of Witch Hunters as almost all cults feel the need for a militant arm dedicated to the hunting down of unlicensed practitioners of magic. The cult of Ranald does not have an organised sect of Witch Hunters. Witch Hunters associated with the cult of Ranald are very rare but not unheard of.

Petty Magic Spells:

Any practicing wizard can learn any type of Petty Magic available. The challenge is to find someone willing to teach them. Petty magic is considered to be so low powered as to not be worthy of much attention by the powers that regulate magic. See the Wiki for expanded petty magic.

Lesser Magic Spells:

The lesser magics are open to all types of spell caster. The caster rolls on the table most applicable to their casting style. If the character knows any Arcane lore then multiples are rolled against the Curse of Tzeentch tables. See the wiki for expanded lists of Lesser magic spells.

Magical Lores:

In this campaign a PC may learn one of each type of magical lore appearing in the books. For example a character may learn one Divine Lore and one Arcane Lore. A character may never now more than one of each type of Lore.

Types of Lore available:





Arcane Lore:

We will be using the Medial spell lists from the Etceteronimicon available from your GM to expand the colour schools.

Elemental Magic:

Elemental magic works slightly differently as there is no specific Spell List associated with its Lore or Petty magic. Instead a practitioner must pay for each spell individually. A petty spell costs 50ep while a Lore spell costs 100ep. When elemental magic goes wrong they roll on the Fury of the Elements table.

Druidic Magic:

Druids have access to the standard Petty Magic divine as all priests do. However each spell on their Divine Lore must be purchased individually at the cost of 100ep each. When druidic spells go wrong they roll on the Anger of the Mother table.


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