Charm of Shasmaris

A small silver Charm Bracelet


A bracelet made of very lustrous silver (actually Ithilmar but only the greatest of metallurgists will be able to identify it as such) with a dozen small charms made of the same metal adorning it. On the inside of the bracelet is the charm’s name written in Eltharin. The craftsmanship is off the highest quality and so subtle that only a very close inspection will reveal this charm to be anything more than a common cheap charm bracelet as worn by maidens all over the Old World

The primary power of the charm is that it allows the wearer to assume the appearance of a different race. The disguise ability is limited it cannot change the wearers gender or general appearance (a male is still male, an ugly person is still ugly, scars, birthmarks, colouring and distinguishing features remain) however it does mask those attributes that clearly mark the wearer as being of a different race. Because of its function the wearer can only ever assume one appearance of each race type as it is that person as a Human. The charms effect is very powerful. Its duration is constant and it cannot be dispelled.

The charms effect has one weakness. It is very powerful magic and a wizard with a Magic Characteristic of 4 or more may be able to penetrate its effects. It requires the wizard in question to make a Magic roll with a target effect of 35, this roll is not subject to Tzeentch’s curse. If the wizard is successful they can see past the effect and behold the wearer’s true form.

There is one other effect. The charm is able to change its own appearance at the casters will and can appear as anything the wearer wants. It cannot change its mass or size however.


The bracelet was created more than 2000 years ago in the Tower of Hoeth by the High Elven wizard Shasmaris. It is not certain how many of these charms are in existence, it is possible but unlikely that this charm is unique. The charm was created for use by Elven spies in infiltrating the rising powers of the humans in the Old World. Who carried this charm and what happened to them is unknown.

Charm of Shasmaris

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