Seraphina Raskoph

Reikland Noble and Bright Wizard



Seraphina is a noble woman, she is proud and possessed of a fiery temper. She is intelligent and charming having been raised to know the proper way to behave in high society. Her years as an apprentice have taught her humility and the value of hard work. She is not a spoiled noble but is aware of her status and the differences between her and the common people. She is confident in her abilities and aware of her strengths and weaknesses. She knows that she has a stubborn and impetuous streak and this coupled with her temper sometimes gets her into trouble. She is passionate and once engaged in something she will often see it through to the bitter end. Having also been trained as a Wizard she is aware of how people perceive her. She is not easily trusting and is a good judge of character and peoples motives. While she is capable of being kind she is not terribly empathetic.

Physical Description:

Seraphina is tall with an excellent figure. She is fit and healthy. Her skin is lightly tanned from her recent campaigns. She is beautiful, with dark auburn hair and hazel green eyes. She dresses predominantly in reds edged in gold or yellow.


Seraphina’s Background:

Seraphina was born into a prominent noble family in Altdorf. As a daughter and a younger sibling Seraphina would in most noble families be destined to be married off for political reasons. However her family had a long history of providing wizards for the imperial colleges and she showed promise at an early age. She received a fine education in martial, academic and courtly skills. When she reached the age of 15 she was apprenticed to a wizard of the Bright College. She rose quickly through the ranks of apprentices and was declared a Journeyman Wizard at the age of 18. She left the college and returned home to decide what she would do next. She spent a year living at home with her family. She had a minor role in the Emperors Court. She was also attached to the 25th Reikland Foot as their combat wizard. The 25th were being rebuilt following the battalions decimation while fighting orcs in the wasteland. She had to spend a great deal of time while at court fending off the various suitors who were vying for her hand in marriage. Her time in the Emperors Court came to an end with a minor scandal when she struck the latest suitor for inappropriate advances. It took a pair of battle wizards to stop her from causing the unfortunate noble serious harm. However she was dismissed from her post in the court. Her father suggested that she leave Altdorf for a while, using his contacts he arranged for her to retain her post in the 25th and organised for her to be posted to Nuln to oversee the equipping of the rebuilt battalion. She had an uncle living in Nuln and so was able to stay with him.

She left Altdorf and travelled to Nuln. She was living in Nuln when the Storm of Chaos broke out and the 25th was mobilised. The 25th left Altdorf and marched through Nuln to pick up the last of its equipment. Seraphina travelled with the 25th north to face the forces of chaos. She fought with the 25th using her magic to support the battalion in battle. The 25th was among the forces that broke the siege of Middenheim. She was wounded during the battle and left in the village of Untergard to recuperate, while the main army pursued the broken horde. She is still technically attached to the 25th but is not expected to re-join the unit any time soon. She is planning on returning to Altdorf as soon as she is well.

Seraphina Raskoph

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